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Our 2024


Florida Spectacular

Take a weekly trip across Florida with authors Cathy Salustri and Rick Kilby and discover a side of Florida you never knew existed. From the scallops in Panhandle bays to the Hemingway cats in Key West, every week’s a Florida adventure. 

Bushwacker Spirits

In 2020, Bushwacker Spirits put Bushwacker in a ready to drink bottle for the first time in its long history.

Don the Beachcomber

Donn Beach was the founding father of tiki style, opening the world’s first faux Polynesian-Pop, tropical-style bar in the early 1930’s in Hollywood, CA. Come explore the man, the myth, the history, and the future of Don the Beachcomber.

Grander Panama Rum

Distilled, aged and bottled in Panama using locally grown sugar cane. We offer a variety of styles from delicate to full flavor. Explore our range to find the right Grander to fill your glass.


BG Reynolds

BG Reynolds’ syrups were originally developed by famed tiki bartender Blair Reynolds for use behind his bar. Now his premium quality syrups are available for your bar, home and pro alike!

Holmes Cay Rum

Holmes Cay Rum curates a continuously evolving collection of exceptional rums, distilled and presented without additives. We passionately support producers of traditional, unadulterated rums. Our age statements are real.

Rincon Rum

Produced and bottled in small batches in a traditional rum producing district in the Porta del Sol, our rum is as bright and as lush as its beautiful homeland. Rincón Rum has a kiss of fresh sugarcane on the nose and palate – and is unadulterated by any added sugar, flavoring, or anything artificial.

Papa’s Pilar Rum

Born of the finest rums,each is hand-selected from the Caribbean and Central, South, and North America. They are then married together in our proprietary solera blending process. Papa’s Pilar represents the original spirit of rum. Bold and well-traveled – just like Papa.

Monymusk Plantation Rum

Monymusk Plantation Rums is distilled and blended by National Rums of Jamaica Limited, The name Monymusk comes from the sugar estate bearing the same name which produced rum and sugar before the abolition of slavery and continues to support the distillery with rich Jamaican molasses.

Ferrand Dry Curacao

Ferrand Dry Curaçao is the perfect finishing touch for your cocktails and desserts; your guests will inevitably ask you your secret, but that can stay between us.

Canerock Rum

Made from traditional Jamaican rums infused with natural spices and aged in oak casks, Canerock Jamaican Spiced Rum has a rich and unique character with sweet vanilla notes, dry fruits and delicate oak tannins.

Planteray Rum

With a passion for the history of spirits and their secrets, Maison Ferrand, renowned for its exceptional cognacs, also specializes in other fine spirits, including its excellent Citadelle Gin and flagship Plantation Planteray Rum.

Santa Teresa Rum

Founded in 1796 and located in the mountainous Aragua Valley, ours is more than a home. It has withstood wars, revolutions, and invasions. There has always been sugarcane and since 1830 there has always been rum.


BACARDÍ Rum is made with the special combination of molasses from sugarcane, yeast and water, blended to make the delicious Caribbean spirit you all know and love. Our facility in Cataño, Puerto Rico is the largest premium rum distillery in the world.

Havana Club

Produced by Maestros del Ron Cubano following traditional Cuban rum making methods, the Havana Club rum embodies the spirit of Cuba, enjoyed by Cantineros and rum drinkers around the world to the rhythm of the best Cuban music.

Natalie’s Orchard Island Juice Co

At Natalie’s, we want the quality of our ingredients to shine. That’s why we hand select & source the finest fruits & vegetables available. Our juices are handcrafted in small batches to ensure authentic freshness. We specialize in making clean, nutritious juice made with integrity.

Luau Lads

We are professional bartenders with a love for all things tiki, and we are ready and willing to take your event up a notch. Join us for our bar takeovers, tiki weekenders, and our very own event…Castaway w/Luau Lads.

Dive Wine & Spirits

Fine Wine and Spirits Store, offering by the pour wine, bourbon flights, and cocktails. Sarasota’s best bourbon selection, and best prices in town on amazing tequilas and rums.

Kon Tigo Tiki Bar

Trading Post for Tiki -Polynesian Goods & Provisions. Known for recreating the long lost Hanging Chinese Lantern, as well as working directly with Harry Yee to raise awareness and Honoring his Legacy. In less than four years of being established, The Kon-Tigo has contributed nearly $30,000.

Real Infused Exotics

Pushing the boundaries of the mixology movement with a premium product line unlike any other. These high-end puree infused flavors have allowed mixologists and chefs alike to quickly and efficiently bring real fruit flavors to their cocktails, dishes and desserts.

Bettie Page Rum

Sultry & seductive, this dark beauty will make your mind swim w/sensual promises. Bettie Page Spiced Rum is skillfully crafted with our unique blend of spices, resulting in rich, complex flavors of vanilla, clove and baking spices. 

Perricone Farms

We’re a 3rd generation, family-owned grower and manufacturer of the best tasting fresh squeezed juices available, taking great pride in our commitment to bring you the highest quality, honest-to-goodness juice. Our organic 100% fresh squeezed orange, lemon, lime, apple and grapefruit juices are all natural and always made fresh.

April 4-6, 2025 in Orlando, FL