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About us

Our Story

What do you get when you cross two dynamic couples with big visions and a couple of tiki cocktails? Tiki a-Go-Go of course. United by a mutual fascination with tiki culture and a desire to spread joy through unforgettable gatherings, Mary, Jason, Jenna, & Jose embarked on a mission to create an oasis of escapism where every moment feels like a celebration.

Our Mission

At Tiki a-Go-Go, our mission is simple yet profound: to transport our guests to a world of carefree indulgence and boundless adventure. We believe in the power of escapism to rejuvenate the soul and forge connections that transcend time and space. Whether it’s a handcrafted cocktail or a full-blown mid century supper club, we pour our hearts into every detail to ensure that you are swept away into an ultimate experience.

Our Promise

When you choose Tiki a-Go-Go, you’re not just attending an event – you’re embarking on a journey with kindred spirits who are as passionate about creating unforgettable memories as you are. We ensure that your Tiki adventure is nothing short of extraordinary. Come join us on this adventure.

Whether you’re a seasoned tiki enthusiast or a newcomer eager to dip your toes into the waters, let Tiki a-Go-Go be your guide to tropical bliss. Together, let’s raise our glasses to the rhythm of the ukulele, the fragrance of exotic blooms, and the camaraderie of fellow adventurers. Let’s make memories that last a lifetime.

Mahalo and Aloha,
Mary, Jason, Jenna, and Jose
Tiki a-Go-Go Founders

April 4-6, 2025 in Orlando, FL