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Sven Kirsten

Sven Kirsten is the author of the “Book of Tiki”, widely acknowledged as the bible of the style.  He followed it with his books “Tiki Modern” (2007), which further explores Tiki style’s relation to mid-century modernism, “Tiki Pop”, (2014), the complete chronicles of the America’s obsession with Polynesia, and his most recent, “The Art of Tiki” (2017).

In 2010 he published his first music compilation, “The Sound of Tiki”, a CD album with a 50-page booklet putting the songs into context with Tiki culture, to be enjoyed in conjunction with his books.  In the summer of 2014, Kirsten curated the largest comprehensive museum exhibition on Tiki pop culture, at the Musee du Quai Branly in Paris. The show resulted in the massive compendium “TIKI POP”, Sven’s most exhaustive effort in his Tiki trilogy.

Tim “Swanky” Glazner

Mid-century enthusiast, Tiki author, gardener. Donn Beach historian. He has appeared in several documentaries and television shows about Tiki culture. He has written for Tiki Magazine. He is an expert in Tiki drinks and the creator of the Grogalizer.

Ed Hamilton

In the world of fine rums, Ed Hamilton needs no introduction. He is the man behind the Ministry of Rum – a line of hand-selected, pot still rums from St. Lucia and Jamaica – as well as importer of the famed Lemon Hart 151 and Rhum Agricoles such as Neisson and La Favorite.

David “Dr. Skipper” Marley

Etsy: DrSkipper

A former Disneyland Jungle Cruise Skipper and history teacher. He is the author of the popular Skipper Stories book series – the first oral histories of a Disneyland attraction. His most recent book is The Jungle Cruise: The Crazy History of Walt’s Wildest Ride. Marley regularly presents his comedy filled talks at Disney and Tiki conventions across the country. He is the creator and producer of the popular Jungle Cruise based stand up comedy show The Skipper Show which has performed all across California.

Tom Duncan

Tom Duncan is a child of the mid-20th century who grew up with Florida’s vintage restaurants on the Space Coast and spent more than 30 years working at the Kennedy Space Center. In his spare time, he’s done extensive research on the history of the Yankee Clipper.

Jim “Hurricane” Hayward

A professional journalist and Florida resident for more than 30 years, Jim “Hurricane” Hayward shares his obsession with Polynesian Pop and other retro styles on his blog, The Atomic Grog. Jim’s roots in mid-century and retro culture go back to his childhood in the 1960s, when he tagged along with his parents to Tiki restaurants and his father’s custom car shows.

Typhoon Tommy

Typhoon Tommy is a Multi ThEA award winning scenic artist from the theme park industry. During his 13 year career he has worked on projects for all Orlando theme parks and various museums and restaurants across the country. He is now turned his talents full time to creating magical Escapes in the world of Tiki – he is the designer and fabricator of the Suffering Bastard, Tahiti Gil’s Mananui Air BnB, and creative director and designer for the Makai renovation. 

Spike Marble

Spike Marble launched “Spike’s Breezeway Cocktail Hour” in March of 2020. This YouTube series, set in his home tiki bar, celebrates vintage tiki culture by showing off the art of making cocktails in the glassware that it was originally served in.

Spike’s show has amassed an enthusiastic crowd of over 21,000 subscribers, thanks to his passion for tiki and curiosity with vintage cocktails. Each week, he invites guests like rum experts, Disney Imagineers, artists, pinup models, contortionists, and burlesque performers, transforming “The Breezeway” into a virtual stage brimming with exotic allure.

But Spike’s influence reaches beyond YouTube. He’s become a name in the tiki scene, presenting ‘live’ shows at events like the Hukilau and the Inferno Room. “Spike’s Breezeway Cocktail Hour” isn’t just about drinks; it’s about keeping the spirit of tiki alive, sharing its fascinating history with characters in the scene, and with everyone who tunes in.

Tim Harnett

After launching several craft cocktail programs in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, Tim Harnett settled down at Tiki Underground in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, where he now leads the drink program and other creative initiatives. He also teaches several spirit-based curriculums spanning far beyond rum and tiki. His first cocktail book No Beard or Bowtie Required now includes the sequel No Pants Required, both of which are available at tikiunderground.com.

Rich Allsmiller

(bio info to come)

Mike Skinner

Mike Skinner is a professional engineer, but his passion is researching and sharing Polynesian Pop culture stories. Mike maintains the Crusoe Society facebook page and his personal Tiki bar, “The Wreck of the Kona Luanii”.

Jon Bortles

Time travel with Jon Bortles and his fun images and stories about Indian Rocks’ lost roadside attraction, Tiki Gardens.

How Bowers

Interactive designer by day, and co-host @retrowdw podcast, tiki & cocktail fan by night. Creator of “LiquidLuau” 5-minute YouTube tutorials on making great Disney & tiki drinks at home.

Tiki Tom Tom

Join author and photographer Tiki Tom-Tom on an immersive road trip as he visits 75 home Tiki bars, sharing tales of the slightly obsessed and always fun Polynesiacs who have been inspired to create their own tropical escapes.

Rocket Betty

Margo “Rocket Betty” Scott

Margo designs and creates beautifully handcrafted hair flowers and aloha wear that capture the mid-century vibe while remaining fresh and modern. Her work can be seen around the globe at many tiki bars, tiki events and celebrations. With a degree in costume design, a tropical soul, and 30 years of professional experience, she has found her passion and loves sharing it with others.   

Marie King

Marie King

Marie King is an internationally-recognized rum and tropical cocktail specialist with 30+ years in hospitality. She joined 23 Restaurant Services where she’s creating the cocktail program for the new Don The Beachcomber locations. Most recently Marie was the Beverage Director for Tonga Hut, and before that she established the first new Don the Beachcomber cocktail program in decades at the former Huntington Beach location.  

Marie King

"Tiki John" Atkins

Tiki John has been an amateur mixologist for a number of years, developing his interest in rum since the early 2000s. Many rums needed for classic post prohibition recipes no longer exist. This challenge to find blends and modern rums with similar profiles led him to reading, tasting, networking and finding rums to craft his cocktails. He is a member of the Richmond Rum Society, the Florida Rum Society, and a founding member of the Rum Consumers Alliance. He enjoys conducting tastings and speaking to groups about sprits sharing his knowledge of rum.
Marie King

Cathy Salustri

Cathy Salustri’s portfolio includes USA Today, Visit Florida, regional, and local press. She wrote Backroads of Paradise, a travel narrative about retracing the WPA-era Florida driving tours, which was featured in The New York Times. Her next book, is tentatively titled The Florida Spectacular. Cathy writes about Florida travel for a myriad of publications. She’s also a Walt Disney World tour guide and is the former arts + entertainment editor of Creative Loafing Tampa.

Marie King

Gregorio Pantoja

Gregorio Pantoja is a Professor of History,  Co-Author of Fassionola, Proprietor of The Kon-Tigo Tiki Bar (pending non-profit), Proprietor of Passionola Legacy Syrup, Consulted – Appeared in documentaries, and most Proudly a Life Long Philanthropist.

Marie King

Doc Parks

Insta: Doc Parks

Doc Parks is a Renowned Mixologist has established some of the world’s top tiki Bars such as Pagan Idol, Zombie Village, and Wilfred’s, and is the in house Mixologist for the Passionola Legacy Syrup based on the original 1930’s recipe.

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