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Music & Performers

The Hula Girls

The Hula Girls have been busy playing ‘hulabilly’ music all over Southern California. It’s up-tempo hapa haole, tiki, and surf themed music, all filtered through the late 1950’s and early 60’s rockabilly and rock n’ roll sound! They have hula-a-go-go dancers too!


Founded in 2001, and have gone on to become one of the best surf bands in the Southeastern United States. Hailing from Tallahassee, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia, their music is a raw combination of classic surf, rockabilly, and space!

The Kreepy Tikis

Spooky doom surf from Jacksonville Beach, FL. A unique mix of 60′s instrumental surf music, a campy/spooky presentation, and traditional tiki culture. A vintage tribe with a kreepy vibe.


An all-star astro-chimp surf band that’s been making interstellar waves since day one! They were told they could avoid a fate of biomedical research if they just keep playing music.

Hot Rod Hornets

One of Tampa Bay’s hottest rockabilly bands. Drawing from the influences of Sun Record greats Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, & Jerry Lee Lewis. They bring high energy music with every performance.  

Jazz Phools

With special guest Cupcake Burlesque, Kari Allsmiller, & Nick Locapo. The Jazz Phools are a group of six Tampa Bay musicians devoted to the energetic performance of hot jazz of the 20’s & 30’s – all delivered with vintage flair. 

Big Tiki & The Mai Tais

Move your feet to the beat with just a touch of Florida weirdness. Their music celebrates. all things Tiki. From dark, exotic, tropical atmospheres to all thing’s sea, surf, sun and sand. They don’t fit into any genre of music but their own. They’ve been called a Tropical B-52’s.

Elika Kaiwi

If you’ve been to The Polynesian, you may have heard Elika Kaiwi singing and playing on the Grog Grotto’s Tiki Terrace.

April 4-6, 2025 in Orlando, FL