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Cocktail Classes & Rum Tastings

These presentations have an additional fee and are not included with any event passes.

Florida Rum Society Single Barrel Tasting
Friday, Noon – 1:30pm
$50.00 Per Person

“Trader” Jay Cocorullo


The Florida Rum Society is the largest social rum group in the nation and over its almost 5 year history it has had the good fortune to identify over 25 rum barrels to call its own. Join FRS Founder, “Trader” Jay Cocorullo as he takes your palette on an amazing journey of rums selected from those Private Barrels and shares the history of each and the process for identifying and securing.

Hamilton Rum: The Breezeway Blend

Friday, 1:30pm – 3:00pm
$40.00 Per Person

Ed Hamilton & Spike Marble

Join Ed and Spike for a conversation about their adventures in the world of rum and tiki. They’ll dive into topics such as Ed’s fascinating rum escapades, Spike’s Breezeway Cocktail Hour, The Breezeway, and the exciting journey that ultimately resulted in their collaborative creation, Hamilton Rum:  The Breezeway blend!  Be among the first to savor a tasting of this new blend, followed by an exclusive cocktail crafted by Spike.

Rum Culture: The Spirit of the Caribbean

Saturday, Noon-1:30pm
$30.00 Per Person

Myssi Davis & Joe Horstkamp

Rum is truly the spirit of the Caribbean! Join the Rum Travelers (Myssi & Joe) as we explore the influence of rum on the culture of several Caribbean islands, from its production methods and flavor profiles to how locals enjoy and celebrate it through unique bars, music, and activities. We will taste rums from Barbados, Jamaica, Martinique, and St. Lucia as we share unique experiences from each island.

Simple is Simple

Saturday, 1:30pm – 3:00pm
$30.00 Per Person

Devon Lopez

A way to take simple to another level by creating something unique to you! Everyone knows how to make a basic simple, experimenting with ingredients outside of the box can not only make for something fun and new, but create fewer steps in your final cocktail by including elements in your base. Exploring new flavor pairings and natural ingredient colors for a fun twist on classics, or a cocktail that only YOU can serve.

(Available starting Wednesday, Feb. 28)

April 4-6, 2025 in Orlando, FL